Sneak peak at Avanti


Last year I put a call out for a new designer to join us here at Joomlabamboo via twitter. While we had a few worthy contenders contact us none fit the bill perfectly and so after hours scouring css galleries and other designer portfolios I came across David Vuu's folio. I instantly fell in love with the depth and attention to detail in his designs and felt that he would make a perfect compliment to the Joomlabamboo aesthetic. Avanti is his first design and I must say its a ripper!

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Music to design to Vol4

Well after a little break Im back with my fourth installment of music to design to. This week is a little mix of some early 90's techno, some more Fourtet and Sigur Ros as well as some long lilting ambient electronica from Aphex Twin.

Peyote - Happy Birthday - DJ Dag Essential DJ Mix

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Introducing Premium Joomla Support

We have just published our request for premium support services

Some examples of what we can help you with under this level of support include:

Customisation of a template: Logo, colour change or slight layout change.

Setting up third party extensions: Sh404, Community Builder, Jomsocial, Juga, AEC etc

Basic Joomla Help: Setting up and troubleshooting core Jooma features.

General Help: Any help with Joomla, design or coding that you need a little nudge with.

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The welcome to the front-page text is what's known as the page title. The page title is an option that is attached to the menu item that you have just clicked on. So if you are visiting the site for the first time this menu item is the default menu item and in the default Joomla installation it is a menu item using a front page menu type.

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Music to design to Vol. 3

This is the final round in the Joomla dj battle royale between myself and Kyle from Joomlapraise. Yesterday Kyle sent down a fairly rocking Indie selection and today Im going to contrast it with a very down tempo back to basics piano and soundtrack mix from the likes of Yann Tiersen, Sigur Ros and a bit of Phillip Glass. This mix is certainly not something to jump around to but is perfect for laying down some good designs if you are in a quiet mood. Enjoy!

Remember that the best commenter wins a free subscription to the Joomlabamboo template club for 12 months!

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Music to design to Vol. 2

Yesterday I put together the first volume in the music to design to which inspired the Joomla blog dj battle royale between me and Kyle from Joomla Praise. My mix was accused of being "new age" and "artsy" and Im afraid that todays set will probably achieve a similar reaction - this is of course music to design to so Id say Im probably bang on the money in terms of matching creative music for designing and creating.

Joomlapraise then leave us your thoughts - the winner will be drawn at the end of round three just in time for Christmas.

Tourmaline - Manual - Azure Vista


Building Steam with a Grain with a grain of salt - Dj Shadow - Entroducing


Coastal Brake (Lusine Remix) - Tycho - Coastal Brake


You can't go home again - DJ Shadow - The Private Press


My Heart Sings - Freakpower in Dub - Give em enough dope volume 2


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Music to design to - Vol. 1

I hope you enjoy it!

{jb_sound}Update - After listening to my selection this morning and some fun tweeting Kyle from JoomlaPraise has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged me to a joomla blog dj battle. So basically each day for the next five days we will be alternating laying down a new selection of five tracks. The competition will be decided via the blog comments with the best commenter receiving a free 12 month subscription from both clubs.{/jb_sound} {jb_line}{/jb_line} 1. Fourtet – Hands – **Rounds**


2. Lusine – Operation Costs - A Certain Distance


3. Sigur Ros – Hljomalind – Hvarf/Heim


4. Andrew Bird – Plasticities (Remix) - Soldier On

{audio}Andrew Bird_04_Plasticities.mp3{/audio}

5. Bon Iver – Skinny Love – For Emma, forever


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But one of the features that I really like is the ability for the user to print an invoice has been processed by the system. This means that you have complete access to your records and you were able to get a personalized account of what you have spent throughout the life of your membership.

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It has been quite some time since we have had any sort of price change here at your Joomla Bamboo - in fact when I look at my records its been well over two years since we have had any change to our pricing structure! So with the new site launch as well as the coming new year we thought it was about time that we made a few changes.

The biggest change is the introduction of incentives for renewing members which will see a dramatic saving on some of our subscriptions when you renew your membership.

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With over 46 templates on offer what can we tempt you with? Since the launch of Joomlabamboo way back in 2006 we have created a wide range of pretty spectacular templates. Simple, clean lines and elegance come as standard with all our work.

Joomlabamboo has created templates for online shops, magazine style, portfolio sites and of course blogs. With the latest introduction of a template for the Admin section of your site, we are continuing to simplify the Joomla experience, both for you and your clients.

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