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Simpla is safe


A few weeks ago a false security advisory was circulating regarding our Simpla template.

The advisory pointed to an alleged hack that could be used on a Joomla site using the Simpla template but the hack in question used a url that only related to the front end of the site. Front end urls have no bearing on the Joomla backend unless they are targetting a vulnerable third party extension and even then the url has no relation to the Joomla admin template that is set to default.

Regardless of how baseless this advisory appeared to be I sort the help of three independant advisors who unanimously returned the response that its a front end hack (that doesnt relate to the Simpla admin template) and that in fact the hack also appears not to work anyway.

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Crisp Joomla Admin Theme

Please note that our Admin templates are no longer compatible with the latest version of Joomla and have been retired from service.

We are happy to announce the release of our second Joomla admin theme called Crisp.

Crisp is a slick, minimal and dare I say Crisp theme for your Joomla administrator. We have drawn on a lot of the functionalities found in the Simpla template that we released back in December 2009, but have taken the design to a more mature, clean, almost corporate level, by replacing the textural flare of Simpla with some clear, crisp lines and subtle drop shadows.

Crisp includes the following features:

  • Six Colour Schemes
  • Accordion side bar menu (with sliding toggle)
  • Choice of top or side menu or both
  • Joomla update notifier
  • Session timer and session refresh
  • Server time display

Plus more ....

For more info check out the feature overview, the template documentation or the demo. You can see a slightly restricted version of the template on this link where you can login using the username and password admin and admin.

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Just a quick note to let you know that I've updated Avanti to be compatible with K2 v2.2. There are a few bug fixes in this release too so be sure to check the Avanti changelog for a full run down of whats changed and how to update it.

Please update your K2 installation to v2.2 to use this template.

On a side note we have some major updates for Microblog and BambooBox coming in the next few days. Among other things we have swapped out fancybox for the awesome colorbox jQuery lightbox which will offer some nice new features to play with when launching your content in the lightbox. Ill post more when thats ready in the next few days.

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Snapshots are go for 2010

You can read all about the thinking behind the snapshots here or get an overview of how they work on the template snapshot page.

Ill be posting here when we release new sample data systems but for the time being stay tuned for the release of Avanti.

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I thought I would post an update for the Avante theme and give you a snippet of a snapshot of the K2 template that will ship with the Joomla template. Since making the blog here at JB using the K2 component we have grown to love the flexibility in templating that this cck (content construction kit) from Joomlaworks

Avante will come with a few different layout options focussed on a corporate / business blog and catalogue layout. The snapshot below is of the page view for the blog layout. Avante will be released early next week.

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Sneak peak at Avanti


Last year I put a call out for a new designer to join us here at Joomlabamboo via twitter. While we had a few worthy contenders contact us none fit the bill perfectly and so after hours scouring css galleries and other designer portfolios I came across David Vuu's folio. I instantly fell in love with the depth and attention to detail in his designs and felt that he would make a perfect compliment to the Joomlabamboo aesthetic. Avanti is his first design and I must say its a ripper!

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We've been re-considering the way that the Joomlabamboo quickstart packages are handled for some time and thanks to some recent feedback on our forum we've take a little bit of time to put together a new system to replace the quickstart packages, with what we are calling JB SnapShots.

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