State of the union (again)


[Back in December I wrote about our release schedule and the various delays we faced at the time. And so, sadly, today I am writing to explain the absence of a template release for May and the delay in the release of a Joomla template this month.

There are a few things that have lead to us falling behind again. Some of these factors include supporting two current versions of Joomla, an increased level of support on our forum and ticket system as well as a significant increase in the ongoing maintenance of our back catalogue.

In addition to this, the added complexity and time required to release responsive Joomla templates has caught us by surprise and although I feel like we are gradually getting back on top of things I felt that I needed to draw a line in the sand.


No May template but members get an extra month ...

The line in the sand effectively means that we are skipping a month. This is the first time I've had to do this since the start of the club back in 2006 and even though I have been tempted to make the decision in the past I've been able to avoid it.

And so this means that the Intrepid template I posted about at the start of May will now be released as the June template and all users whose subscription was set to expire from May 1st have now either had one month added to their subscription or have had their subscription extended to the end of this month.

If you are in this category and you have not had the extension please let us know and I'll get right on to it and enable the account for you.

More support staff and developers

One of the challenges in managing a growing business is being able to grow in a sustainable and scalable manner. For a long time Joomlabamboo has been comprised of myself, another developer and a collection of passionate bambooers doing some part time, casual and also voluntary support on the forum.

One of my strategies for getting back on track has been to hire some new dedicated support people and a new developer to help ease the burden; Some of you will have already met Zuzana on the ticket system and probably already know Paul and Rob from the forum.

Some more outsourced designs ...

This was always on the cards but I've got some new designs coming from David Vuu and Kai Brach who have contributed to the Joomlabamboo collection in the past.

I'm also hoping to onboard a new developer in July and this will free me up to do what I love to do and start getting back into the designer's seat and also push the framework andzentools into more developement, as well as give us the space to start work on our Zen Menu offering which I've had at the top of my list for so long.

Intrepid will be available this week.

I've just released v1.3 of the Zentools module which has a stack of new features and so that just leaves the release of the Intrepid template which I'm hoping will be available for you in the next few days. Intrepid is shaping up as a very nice template and I hope will compliment our current range of responsive themes.

Stay tuned for more details either here on the blog or via twitter.

Thanks again for your support and your patience folks.

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