While doing a bit of research into some K2 functionality recently, I came across a few posts on the K2 support forum requesting lists of templates and extensions that support the K2 component. We have been working pretty intimately with K2 since the start of this year and so I thought Id post a rundown of which of our Joomla templates and extensions that are K2 compatible.

We plan on adding K2 support to most of our future Joomla template releases and extending the Joomla modules that are currently K2 compatible as well.

Our Joomla K2 Templates

Avanti avanti Joomla template

Avanti is a corporate business Joomla template with a unique K2 two column blog layout. The demo features the JB Slideshow module in the banner that is K2 compatible and the Microblog module that recreates the grid which is also able to reference images from k2 content items or the K2 image field.

Pixel Eight Pixel Eight Joomla Template

PixelEight is a smooth and dark Joomla template with a classic K2 blog template that is perfect for a personal blog format.

Folio Life Folio Life Joomla Template

Folio Life is another dark Joomla theme with some interesting date headings and layout options for using K2 in a blog layout.

Shop Front Shopfront Joomla Template

Shopfront is a sharp Joomla ecommerce template that comes with a K2 template that is perfect for showcasing your shop's latest news or recent product editions to your online catalogue.

Grid2 Grid2 Joomla Template

The Grid2 Joomla template draws upon the power of the free captifyContent module to pull your K2 images into a lovely front page grid layout for your magazine, portal or blog site.

Zen Simple Shop Simple Shop Joomla Template

Zen Simpelshop uses the same Joomla K2 template as featured in Avanti to create a clean two column blog layout that can be used to support your minimal online shop.

Our Joomla K2 Modules



The Microblog module is a flexible Joomla latest news module that gives you some awesome control over the layout of your K2 items. You can create 4 different layout variations with all manner of small variations to deliver your K2 content in a module the way you want it. You can also choose to display the rest of the content in a colorbox popup.

Slideshow3 slideshowk2

Slideshow3 is a flexible Joomla content and image slider/fader that pulls Joomla and K2 content items into a slick slideshow format. We like this module a lot and you can see it featured in most of our recent template releases.

CaptifyContent captifyBlogImage

CaptifyContent is a free Joomla module that is able to pull images assigned to your sections or categories, Joomla content or K2 items. Captify is perfect for creating a grid based layout for your articles with a very sexy rollover effect that reveals the item title in a jQuery hover effect.



BambooBox is similar in functionality to Microblog but is geared towards creating an image gallery directly from your Joomla content or your K2 items. Bamboobox makes it very easy to create grid layouts with your images and content.

Our Joomla K2 Plugins

JB Type jbTypeBlog

JB Type is a free Joomla content plugin that renders styling to your content items. its a simple K2 ready plugin that makes creating beautiful and interesting content highlights by using some very simple Joomla native syntax.

JB LIbrary

Joomla jQuery LibraryWe use our free JB LIbrary plugin to drive most of the jQuery effects that you see in our modules and for the most part if they arent needed for the k2 compatible module you are using then you wont need it for K2. However there is one very nice effect that comes loaded with the JB LIbrary and thats a little thing called LazyLoad. Lazy load basically only loads images on the page when the user scrolls down the page. This makes your K2 pages load much faster and only load the content that the visitor is able to read. You can see Lazy Load in effect on this page.

Stay tuned for future template and extension releases ... The July Joomla template release will see some cool new K2 stuff integrated into the news portal theme that I plan on giving a sneak peak of sometime early next week.

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