As a bit of a light hearted end of financial year competition I announced late last night the Best avatar competition on our forum. The idea is that all you need to do to win a 12 month subscription to our Joomla template club is to say hi on the forum thread and the best avatar in the thread will win the membership. The competition is open to existing as well as non members so if you dont currently have a membership you can sign up for a free account on our template subscription overview page.

I really enjoy working on our forum and seeing the personalities that come through the photos and images that our members upload - a lot can be read and mis-read from someone's avatar. Web design forums can sometimes be overly technical and faceless places so avatars are a great way to build personality and add colour. There are a few folks on the forum that have them lifting a glass of beer to the camera - that never fails to make me thirsty :)

Check the rest of the details after clicking read more.

The winner of the competition will be chosen by our forum mods and the competition will be decided next Friday 25th June, 2010 - based on the following criteria:

  • The avatar is fun. It has to make at least one of us laugh. (Lex's photo of him and the donkey is a good example - Ive got a soft spot for donkeys.)
  • The avatar is personal. So it needs to be or include an image of yourself.
  • The avatar is a little different. Thats purposely a little vague :)

So check out the current entries here and if you want to be in a chance to win simply sign up and say hi on the forum.

BTW that's our very own Ed in the post picture above.

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