Have you ever wanted to increase the number of menu items available on the component menu item in the Joomla admin area? If you run a site with a large number of components - 19 or more in fact - Joomla will create a menu link at the bottom that leads you to the list of all components on the site.

This was implemented as far as I can tell to do with screen sizes and readability of menu items on screens that are set to 800 by 600 res. Most of you probably view the internet in res larger than 800 by 600 now so here is a fix to allow you to see all of the components listed on the component menu item.

  1. Navigate to \administrator\modules\nod_fullmenu.php
  2. Find line 188 -$topLevelLimit = 19; //You can get 19 top levels on a 800x600 Resolution
  3. Edit the number to suit your needs: $topLevelLimit = 40; //You can get 40 top levels on my beautiful 22 inch monitor.
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