Zen Grid Framework v1.0.5


The big news is that the framework now supports Google Fonts - as you saw in the recent release of the Newstream template. This feature adds an extra layer to the visual aesthetic of your site and gives you the option to use google fonts for your logo, headings, body text or navigation elements. We will be updating the docs later today so be sure to check out the options available there in the next day or so.

Feature list:


  • Added ability to use Google font replacement
  • Added ability to use text and google font replacement for logo
  • Added ability to determine the heading tag that surrounds the logo or logotext.
  • Added option to position analytics code before closing body or closing head tag to keep up with current Google standards
  • Added ability to specify alt tag text for logo
  • Added Supersubs to the superfish to affect the min and maxwidth of the drop down menus.
  • Template Details.xml file need updating for the superfish settings.
  • Added the ability to reference a custom.css file in the css folder if the custom.css file is present.
  • Added ability to hide main content on the front page if not using any content on that page.


  • Fixed variable error when template was in full width mode.
  • Fixed tagline margin offsets in the assets/layout files
  • Fixed various paths in the assets files to pick up the new logo references.

Upate instructions

  • Use the Joomla installer to update with the new package. This will overwrite the core framework files.

The future of the framework

We have a number of pretty exciting feature updates planned for the framework as well as some more fleshed out starter themes for the developers amongst you. We are also looking forward to porting the framework to be 1.6 ready and we hope to have that available in the next couple of weeks.

If you want to suggest a feature for the framework feel free to drop into the Framework forum and tell us what new features the framework could benefit from.

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