Two new Zenkit demo sites

Way back in April we released Zenkit - a collection of responsive K2 templates and I've just taken the covers off two new demo sites that showcase what you can do with Zenkit.

If you missed the announcement, Zenkit is a small set of stand alone K2 templates that can be dropped into any Joomla template.

The package currently consists of a slideshow, masonry layout, tabbed layout, magazine, accordion and blog layouts. Once we roll out updates for our existing catalogue we will be aiming at adding some new the layouts to the kit. Contenders for new layouts are carousel, pagination, download gallery / catalogue and some twists on the slideshow theme.

You can see Zenkit in action in the following Joomla templates:

(Please note that Highline is a special case and is a small deviation on the core Zenkit package.)

We would love to hear from you what you would like to see added to Zenkit, so feel free to post your suggestions down below in the comments.

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