Yesterday the good folk over at Dioscouri announced the availability of Tienda v0.7.3. If you are on the Tienda bug tracking mailing list you would have thought something was up given the hundreds, nay, thousands of emails that have come through in the last week or so.

The new release has added some nifty new features, fixed a raft of bugs and also incorporated a google +1 button for Tienda products. Thankfully this was a relatively easy update for us so the Shop Ignition, Shopfront and Zen Simple Shop Joomla templates have all been updated with the necessary code for you to take advantage of the new functionality.

For a full run down of the new Tienda features checkout the changelog and while you are there grab yourself a copy of the latest installment. Joomlabamboo club members can download the latest template versions for our three Tienda templates right now.

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