Implementing sIFR

The Web Spaces Template comes pre-configured for you to use the sIFR mambot which is available for free download from Joomla Addons. You can also download some font replacement files here . Please look below for the fonts we have available in our download section, as well as how to confugre this addon.

Please follow the steps below to implement this feature:

Install the sIFR mambot:

  1. Install sIFR mambot
  2. Publish mambot in Site – Mambots
  3. All of your menu, content and component headings as well as h2 and h3 text should be now in sIFR form.

    Tweaking the sIFR.

    We’ve included a number of different fonts for replacement that you can download from the download section. The fonts have all come from and are licensed as free. (Please note that we are not selling these fonts).

    Changing the font in the sIFR.

  4. Download the font .swf file that you want to use in your template.
  5. Upload the .swf file to your mambots/system directory.
  6. In the index.php find the sIFR script at the bottom of the page just below the tag.
  7. Where the script says “mambots/system/ninifont.swf” change the file name to the name of the .swf file you wish to use. Eg if you want to use the Laundromat font the script should say “mambots/system/laundromat.swf”.
  8. Upload or save the changes to your index.php
  9. Clear the cache on your browser and click refresh and the font should be changed.

    Changing the headings that are replaced:

  10. Find the same sIFR script in your index.php file.
  11. Find the line that says:

    sIFR.replaceElement(".contentheading, .componentheading, h3,.moduletable th,h2", named(

  12. You can add or remove the typographical elements as required.
  13. As an example if you just wanted to have the content headings in the font replacement then the line would look like this:

    sIFR.replaceElement(".contentheading, named(

  14. If your not sure which font or style you want to change it’s a good idea to use the web developer toolbat in firefox to highlight the elements.

    Changing the colour:

  15. Find the same script in the index.php.
  16. Locate the following text: sColor: "#777777"
  17. Change the number according to the colour you want your headings to be.

    Here are the fonts that we've converted to sIFR and are available for free download in the download section:


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