Configuring the Front Page

For most new Joomla! users using the front page function can be somewhat confusing. Once you get the hang of it it can really be quite liberating ... changing the way you think about writing articles and presenting information to visitors to your website.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the front page component:

  • If you are using a template that has a relatively thin main body, you will get better results from using a single column.
  • Try to make the text in the introduction for each article on the front page the same length. This will help to achieve a more uniform and visually pleasing front page layout.
  • Use the mosimage functions to get to align and wrap the text around your image.
  • Use the same or similar size images to achieve that uniform layout.
  • If you specify 0 for the leading number of articles and three columns you can achieve a sophisticated front page that still rates well with the Search Engines. Alot of top css designers use this effect especially when selling products or describing work flows.
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