JB Contact Extension


Along side the September template release we are releasing two new extensions, one of which is JB Contact. The JB Contact module is a quick contact form that displays name, email, subject and message fields.

JB Contact

The module is intended to be a simple form extension and easy to create and add to a site. The JB Contact module is displays using the Joomla core contacts component. The extension uses the email address added to a core contact and displays the labels and descriptions as set in the core Contacts language strings.

We have written two blog posts to explain how to use the Joomla core Contacts component:

  1. How to Create a Joomla 3 Contact
  2. How to change or translate Joomla contact form fields

With a Joomla contact set up it is simply a case of adding the contact name to the module settings and the module is configured. For the module tooltips to display the template does need to be loading BS3 (Bootstrap3) and popovers specifically.

JB Contact Settings

Zen Grid Framework BS3 support

Zen Grid Framework BS3 pop overs

As the module is built on the core Contacts component it also supports the Joomla core Google Recaptcha plugin (we are hoping for the adoption into Joomla of the invisible Recaptcha shortly).


If you have any feedback or comments please post below - Thanks folks.

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