Hi Folks,

As mentioned in our earlier announcement, we are today rolling out new pricing plans and major changes to current / older plans.

1. Important changes to all pricing plans :

1.1. Unlimited Domains

Domain limits no longer makes sense. Feel free to use our products on unlimited domains.

1.2. Rebranding allowed for all

All plans now comes with rebranding rights. This does not mean removal of copyrights from the source code.

2. Lifetime Developers

Lifetime memberships is not a sustainable business model. Time demands hard decisions and lifetime developers will have to make decisions on how they contribute towards product development and maintenance.

We are NOT terminating these lifetime subscription but the following changes are to happen :

  1. Lifetime developers will continue to have lifetime access to downloads (versions released by JoomlaBamboo before JoomlArt acquisition).
  2. Support limited to ticket system only. No forum access.


  1. Lifetime members can opt for 6 months free JB Pro Plan in lieu of their lifetime membership. This will allow us to provide them with all product updates scheduled for releases in the coming weeks. The six month period ends on 31st August 2018.

3. New Pricing plans :

The mergers and acquisitions we made over last year has helped our members reduce their project costs.

The new pricing plans have inbuilt cross-club discounts. Now you can choose templates from, and without worrying about maintaining three different subscriptions. Or you can go Ultimate Developer and get developer level access to everything we now offer across JomSocial, iJoomla, JoomlaBamboo, Gavick and JoomlArt.

Today, we would like to announce changes for Joomlabamboo membership system that will bring users more benefits and value. Here are details:

New Pricing Table

In summary, we will have 3 subscriptions as below:

View pricing page

4. Existing membership plans

All existing plans will continue with all promised benefits till they expire. Once expired, older plans can not be renewed and members can choose from new plans.

Build with confidence :

We understand how important it is for members to have regular proactive upgrades and updates for their products especially when Joomla releases important versions.

JoomlaBamboo products are being upgraded not only for Joomla 3.x latest but also for Joomla 4 as it becomes available.

New Team :

We now have 5 full time team members working for JoomlaBamboo products and support with 4 team members with shared responsibilities. We would be adding more as we start developing new templates, plan for the same will be put forward as we finish these major J 3.x and upcoming J 4 upgrades.

Site upgrades and new unified system : will have major changes happening in terms of support, subscription handling and login methods. Read this for more info:

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below.

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