Welcome to Joomlabamboo 2.0! Yesterday we unveiled and relaunched the next iteration of the Joomlabamboo site with this fresh new design and a whole stack of new Joomla goodness.

This has been a major project which probably started around 12 months ago when I first started to sketch out a redesign but has involved hours or reworking and recoding - not to mention the preparation involved with moving a site of this size.

The new site features completely rewritten content along with greatly enhanced functionality such as the new member area, updated ticket system, individual template galleries and basic page layout. We still have a few things to roll out and while we officially are calling this a soft launch the new site is infinitely slicker than its predecessor and will only improve as we smooth out any bugs and roll out all the new stuff.

In the next day or so I'll post some updates about the new changes and functionality - today I'll talk specifically about the new member area.

Part One: New Member Area.

One thing I was keen on creating for our members was a dedicated member area. While we used community builder on the previous site we didn't really use any of its features and so I wanted to take advantage of the potential of CB to pull a few different components and functionalities together.

A snapshot of the new members area.

Member AreaSubscription Tab**

The subscription tab is one of the standout features of the member area. This is a custom Community Builder field that displays the users current subscription level, the time they have left before the subscription expires as well as an upgrade/renew button.

Invoices Tab

The invoices tab shows all past cleared and uncleared invoices and provides the functionality for the user to pay, cancel or print their invoices.

Tickets Tab

The ticket tab integrates the users tickets in our ticket system - rsTickets. From here you can view any of the tickets or simply check to see if there has been a response. Admins are also able to use the front end here to update, close or move any tickets.

Forum Tab

The forum tab is a standard Community Builder forum tab showing the last 20 forum posts plus any forum subscriptions you might have.


Hardly needs talking about except that most fields are editable in place using a handy ajax field type for community builder.

Downloads are all in one place

If you look below the profile area you will find a list of all downloads available to you as well as the documentation associated with the downloads. From now on if you need to download something you dont have to go any further than your own profile. We anticipate that this is going to save a lot of support requests and a lot of clicks for people - enabling them access to their downloads as soon as they login.

Profile Downloads### More features

Over the next few days I'll be posting some more info about the new site and its features as well as the functionality that we are still to roll out.


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