Shortcodes v1.7.1 released


With the recent release of K2 2.8.0, there is a conflict with the Joomla Bamboo shortcodes plugin.

We have now released Shortcodes v1.7.1 to fix this problem.

The problem

This conflict arises when a K2 item uses the Joomla Bamboo shortcode syntax as the first block of content and the K2 item lacks any meta data. Without any meta data K2 will then try and load the first section of content it finds, which is the shortcode syntax. K2 strips the tags and causes the HTML to be loading in the meta data which badly affects the appearance of the page (as meta data can not render HTML).


Julio, our backend developer, has added a check in the plugin to ensure the syntax tags are tidied up before K2 adds the content to the meta description. After successful testing by us and by several members, we have now released the latest version with this fix included.


Thanks to the users who promptly reported this issue, helped test and provided links to forum posts / Github pages and of course JoomlaWorks Ltd as the author of K2. Thanks Everybody.

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