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Git, markdown and a static html generator


The workflow works like this:

  • All content is written in Markdown.
  • All content is stored in a github repo.
  • Pull requests to edit typos or add new documentation can be done using the GitHub app (or another git app of your choice)
  • We review the new addition and commit the changes.
  • The commit is sent to the documentation server and the markdown files are converted into html files ready to be displayed in the browser.

Documentation is online now

The documentation can be found online here. The docs are being updated today and tomorrow but there is some good info in there now to get you started.

And you can see the Git repo here.

How to download and make changes to the documentation

  1. Download and install the Github app for either mac or pc.
  2. Navigate to the repo and click the clone in desktop button.
  3. The Git app should open and give you an option of where you want to save the files on your hard drive.
  4. On your hard drive navigate to the folder you cloned the repo to.
  5. Open the file you want to edit in any text editor.
  6. Make your change or add new content.
  7. Click save.
  8. The changes made to your code will now be shown in the Git App as ready to commit.

How to create a pull request

You wont be able to commit your changes directly to the repo but you will need to perform what’s known as a pull request. This Github documentation page describes how to create a pull request.

We welcome your contributions

One of the challenges with creating software is that it’s not always obvious to us (the developers) what’s missing from documentation. Adding information doesn’t necessarily translate as improving usablity and access to features. We want to hear from you - what sort of documentation is helpful? What questions do you have that need answering?

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