Im happy to announce the availability of our September Joomla Template, Focus. Focus is available as a Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7 template and also comes in quickstart packages.

Integrated Fullscreen slideshow and a responsive layout

Focus combines the power of the Galleria full screen jQuery slideshow with an intelligent responsive layout to deliver a stunning folio theme that is ideal for photographers and artists alike. Focus will render beautifully on all good desktop browsers and scale to suit the smaller iPad and iPhone screen sizes.

You may have noticed I said "good" browsers - unfortunately IE6 couldn't come on the whole journey with us this month but dont worry we have implemented some changes to ensure it degrades gracefully for all of those users.


You can see more by getting an overview of Focus's features, taking a peak at the live demo, reading through the documentation or head straight to the download area to grab yourself a copy.

If you aren't a member yet you can signup and get instant access to Focus as well as the back catalogue of all of our Joomla Templates.

Len Metcalf Photography

The images used on the demo site have been graciously donated by Len Metcalf - an Australian based photographer. Len runs regular photography classes out of Sydney and also has a range of beautiful photos for sale.

Zen Grid Framework v1.2

The slideshow you see on the demo for Focus has actually been integrated into the framework and as such we needed to release a minor update prior to version 2 (the next major update). Im hoping to make use of this slideshow in future themes and also make it available for past themes if the design lends itself to that.

v1.2 of the framework also updates the google fonts available and so now you can select from any of the 250+ fonts from the google font catalogue to use on your site.

I will be releasing v1.2 officially tomorrow once I have updated all of the other framework templates to be compatible with the new version.

We were late

Also please note that if your subscription expired in between the first of September and the 15th of September you are entitled to receive a copy of this template. We apologise for the delay and inconvenience - feel free to drop us a line via the contact form and we will hook you up with the relevant files.

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