[One of our most popular Joomla business templates is now available for Joomla 3. It uses the new bridge framework I announced a few weeks ago with a new an improved version that provides better support for Bootstrap using LESS.

The Corporate Joomla template theme was one of our first business focussed responsive templates. It features a full width background slideshow with a pixelated overlay, some sharp lines and a ton of white space.

Demo Features Download

Upgrading from an old version of Corporate?

While we work on the documentation for the Joomla 3 version take some time to look through the using a Zen Grid Bridge template documentation for an understanding of what's changed between Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 and how to move an existing site to Joomla 3.

If you are using the Corporate template for the first time then you can just go straight ahead and install it.


What's next on the Zen Grid Bridge list?

First up will be a re-issue of Ascent that uses the updated version of the framework. Then we will move through the old catalogue (Hopefully at a cracking pace) and release updates for Highline, Lifestyle, Colourshift, Ecospirit, Epicure, Platform, Collector, Vintage and Intrepid (Most likely in that order).

Once we release the current Joomla 2.5 version stock for Joomla 3 using the bridge we will assess what direction to move in from there. But I would personally like to handpick some of the older Joomla 1.5 themes like Newstream, Newscycle, Rasa, Hub, Pure, Powerplay, Cultivate, Ecolift and Insideout and give them a little freshen up.

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