When the T3 team released the update to the T3 framework (which includes support for Bootstrap 3) we needed to create a new base theme that included all of the great new features added to T3.

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The Base3 Joomla template is a new starter theme that has full support for T3BS3 and other assorted additions to the T3 framework. It is the new base theme that we will start development with all of our new T3 themes with, so it's a great place to start if you use our themes already and want to see how we work.

Base3 is effectively a rework of our earlier starter themes which included Zenbase (free Joomla template), Responsive and the Standard template, but with a little extra love. So if you want either a blank'ish canvas or a stripped back Joomla template to build your site with then Base3 will hit the mark.


Base3 comes ready with full support of all of the awesome functionality the T3 team added to T3BS3. This includes:

  • Support for Bootstrap3
  • 14 Off Canvas slide effects
  • Better implementation of navigation on mobile devices
  • javascript and css compression


In addition to this Base3 includes our own template additions which include:

  • Accordion Menu
  • Full Google Font Support
  • Control of mainbody and sidebar layouts
  • Lazyload
  • Sticky nav
  • Back to top button


The Base3 Joomla template is available now for all club members to download. Enjoy!

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