I am super excited about our March Joomla template. In the spirit of the Profile template we released last year, I now present you with Profilr. Profilr is all about the big screen. Big video, big gallery, big images ...

It is a stand alone template (no framework required), that comes with some incredible layout options baked right into the template itself. You can easily create full screen slideshows, full screen photoset grids (with a built in responsive lightbox) , full width galleries, fullscreen maps and fullscreen background videos.

Profilr is designed so that you hardly need to lift a finger to put together your own awesome profile page. Well you still need to create the work but once you have done that Profilr is ready to take control and get your work out there.

As an example to create a fullscreen slideshow all you need to do is select the slideshow option in the template admin, select the folder and then hit save. No more to it.

Live Preview Download Features

Check out the screenshots below.

Google Map


Fullscreen Video


Fullwidth gallery


Fullwidth slideshow


Photoset Grid


What's next?

March is going to be a bit of a bumper month for us.

I'm planning on releasing a new base T3 theme tomorrow called Base3, as well as the Joomla3 update to the Hub template.

Then once that is done I will have a Joomla 3 version of the original Lifestyle template available and will start putting together the final touches on the Zentools v2 Beta.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy Profilr!

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