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New corporate blogging service


The Feisty Empire? We met him in Feb 2009 and when he also gave us ten tips for writing on the web. Paul talked then about the decline of his writing specialty – recruitment advertisements (job ads). Little did he know the worst recession for 80 years was set to "torpedo his primary income stream".

Fortunately, Paul had long been crafting another string to his bow: blogging. That string is now starting to twang.

Here’s what Paul says about a new service.



As the seminal book Groundswell predicted, the popularity of blogging has exploded. Soon there’ll be two types of organisation:

  1. Those who get carted from pillar to post by a horde of angry / unreasonable /
    ill-informed Web 2.0 (social media) commentators.
  2. Those who, while they can’t control online discussions about them and their products, participate for best results.



Few people believe (or even notice) ‘interruption-style’ ads any more. Media channels are too fragmented for press releases to do what they used to. Blogging is the new way to communicate your side of the story.

It’s also an excellent way for people to learn about you and your activities in their time, rather than yours. A blog lets you write it once, rather than repeat yourself forever.


Most experts agree that the best way to bring visitors to your website (and hence increase sales) is to create interesting, useful content that’s relevant to your niche.

This is easier, cheaper and more reliable than fiddling with arcane search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

Blogging is a highly efficient way to produce this desirable content.

Blogs can also link to passive income generators, like affiliate shops.


Not everyone wants to, is good at or has time to blog.

It therefore makes sense to outsource some or all of your blog posts.

I’m a talented and experienced blogger with a growing portfolio of blogging clients.


I’ve spent 30 years gaining the skills and life experience to be a great blogger.

Seth Godin recently published one of my blog posts in his best-selling book Purple Cow.

You can check out my other blogging work here.

I’m also collating my social media (Web 2.0) research for everyone to use here.

I’m passionate, articulate, hard working and ethical.

In short, I’m eager and able to help you thrive in your chosen field.


Plan A

One 350-word blog post on the topic of your choice:

  • 0.50 hour research/thinking
    • 0.75 hour writing
    • 0.25 hour editing / proofing / liaising
  • = 1.50 hour
  • × $120 per hour
  • = $180 + GST.

Add a link to The Feisty Empire and the price drops to $150 + GST.

You keep the copyright, in case you want to collate your posts into an ebook down the track for passive income.

The more source materials and direction you give me up front, the better.

These posts are the sort I do for MYOB’s Small Business Owner blog.

Plan B

If you’d prefer a lot of ‘mini’ posts (50-100 words) we’re talking $50 + GST each.

I visit your organisation, take loads of photos, ask heaps of questions, go home and get to work – as I did with this blog.

Though it looks attractive and professional, the software and hosting for this blog are free.

You can respond to comments, or I can do so on your behalf.

And if you think you’d like to do some posts after all, I’ll help you try your hand at any time.


Paul Hassing B.Bus., M.A. (Melb.)

E. [email protected] M. 0409 334 789 T. 03 9417 3663

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