Last week I announced a new partnership with Siteground as our preferred hosting providers. One of the key features of SiteGround's feature list for me is their focus on server security.

Server security, as you are probably aware, is an important but often misunderstood and overlooked part of running a website. There are a number of solutions out there for hardening a Joomla website and while most security experts will agree that making a Joomla website secure needs to be a multi-pronged process, nothing beats a secure hosting environment to begin with.

I recently had the chance to talk to Valeri from SiteGround to find out more about how SiteGround goes about securing their servers. Valeri was the key developer of the free SiteGround jHackGuard plugin which as you will read below is part of the SiteGround arsenal in their fight to keep your website secure.

Meet Valeri

valeriSmlValeri is a senior supervisor of the SiteGround support team and has worked at SiteGround since 2005. He loves solving coding problems and puzzles and is the main developer behind the jHackGuard security plugin.

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