So, should you tailor your online content to suit the great unwashed?

Not in my views.

Elitist View

I firmly believe in taking the high road.

Why squabble with starlings, when you can soar with eagles?

Pitch your brand high and your prices will follow.

You’ll have fewer customers, but they’ll be a joy.

Unlike the other crowd.

Common View

The sole argument for dumbing down a message is to appeal to the masses.

Trouble is, everyone’s already doing it.

So, even if your product is absolute crap, using a high tone can create a point of difference from your slovenly competitors.

Top Notch

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in decades of writing is:

Never** underestimate the reader!**

In the movie Pretty Woman, shop girls snub Julia Roberts – to their great regret.

I’ve often been similarly stunned by the high calibre of people I thought couldn’t string a sentence.

Today I consider the audience superior to me.

Because, as a group, it is.

This ensures my readers, my writings and therefore my business are all treated with respect.

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