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Locii on Virb

Using Mootools and Joomla

Over the past few months we've really been enjoying the amazing flexibility that comes with the mootools javascript library. Its such a flexible modular system and really has a lot to offer in terms of eye candy for Joomla based or any other type of web site for that matter.

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Some more backgrounds ...

While this group of backgrounds for your website are quite as good or as extensive as the kollermedia backgrounds I pointed to last month, its still worth a look ... even if its just to look at this designers nice and clean design.

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Moo Flip translated to French

We just noticed that Moo Flip has been translated into French and is available at Joomla France. In fact Joomla France is the biggest referrer of visitors to Joomlabamboo behind Joomla.org at the moment ... so a big thanks and welcome goes out to our French visitors.

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New Club Extensions

We are very happy to introduce a new addition to the Joomlabamboo Club - Bamboo Extensions. You may have noticed that we have recently started to make some little modules to help make Joomla even more fun and so today heralds the launch of the member only extensions.

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Koller Media Web Backgrounds

The great people over at Koller Media have a great resource for anyone wanting to push a new flavour onto their template or design. The background gallery called pattern4u has an amazingly diverse number of background gifs that can be easily added to your template in the body tag or any other div for that matter - check it out!

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Another great little OSX app is called Paparazzi. Its basically a browser screen capture software that is very flexible, intuitive and easy to use. Just navigate to the browser page you want to capture, set the dimensions of the page or how you want to crop it and then press capture. The resulting images are 100% accurate to Safari's view point and can be saved in .png format.

Checkout the screenshots of the May Template Release - Bamboo Clean to see the results.

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Coda by Panic

Panic have just released the Coda code and design interface and it has got a lot of promise. It plugs itself as an all in one designing platform and I think that as far as web design goes its certainly got most of the bases covered but really needs a few tweaks to make it a app of choice.

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2Checkout has checked out ...

After some initial excitement at offering a second payment option here at Joomlabamboo (2 Checkout) and having it work smoothly for the first sale, we've just had our second sale and it was a fraudulent order. If we were selling physical goods it might not be an issue but we are not. So after the sale has been made and put in the pending category the user still gets access to our catalogue. Then after three days of waiting, using and abusing the payment is declined and the user has the goods. Just a word of warning for anyone thinking about using this option on their site - dont!

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