The knowledgebase for the Zen Grid Framework v4 just received a big update.

A big change in the CMS eco system over the past few years has been the increase in popularity of so called flat file content management systems.

A flat file CMS is usually a database-less content management system that stores the content in files in markdown or other formats. The CMS essentially parses the content in these files through it's template in order to render the page. Depending on the size and type of website you are using, flat file websites are generally faster and easier to maintain, although they also tend to require a slightly more technically minded user to be operate them.

Moving over to Grav


One Flat File CMS that has caught my eye over the last few months is the CMS called Grav - Grav is built by the crew over at Rocket Theme. I've wanted to use Grav for a site for a few months now and so today I spent some time porting our old Zen Frid Framework v4 docs across to using Grav.

Grav is a beautifully thought out system with an already extensive array of themes and plugins available for it.

The process was mostly seamless as the old documentation site was already in markdown format and while there are still a few gaps in the knowledgebase the improved layout and information flow should assist you in getting to know our themes alot better and a lot faster.

The Knowledgebase uses a slightly modifoed version of the Learn2 theme which is freely available on the Getgrav website. This is an ideal theme for working with documentation and other sites that need a clear and logical hierarchy.

There are still some gaps

There are some placeholders in the KB, that will be filled in in the next week or so and if there is anything missing that you would like to see us document please leave us a note in the comments below or over on the thread I opened up on the forum.


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