Introduction of New Team


As you may have read on Anthony's previous blog post, JoomlaBamboo is going through major changes and a lot of work is happening behind the scenes. The changing of ownership of JoomlaBamboo will not happen overnight and Anthony and I are working very hard to make the process as smooth as possible.

My name is Paulo Griiettner and as a former JoomlaBamboo employee, I have tremendous respect and affection for Anthony Olsen and JoomlaBamboo. I understood from the very beginning the company's philosophy of outstanding customer care and focus on clean design and code. I was the main template developer for couple of years and was involved in the process of making JoomlaBamboo the very first template club to release responsive template designs in 2011 and ZenGrid the first template framework to fully support media queries. I actually gave a presentation about responsive design at 2012 J and Beyond.


As I mentioned previously, JoomlaBamboo is widely recognised for its customer support and we will continue to carry this flag with pride. Our aim is to continue to support our customers as much as we can in an efficient and friendly way. Please be assured that JoomlaBamboo will retain the same philosophy of customer care in the future.


The new JoomlaBamboo team is excited and working hard to bring new products to our line of extensions and templates. The team is also working on Improvements for the ZenTools2 extension and the ZenGrid framework. In the next few months we will make big announcements about our products, which we are eager to share with you as soon as we can.

New Team

We have a very ambitious “to do” list and so we are introducing 4 new members to our team, some of whom are well known in the Joomla community. Rob and Paul continue to be very important members of the team. The 4 newcomers are all very talented professionals who understand our core values and philosophy and they are:

Leonardo Miranda

Commonly known as "Leo Miranda", I got to know Leonardo from being involved in the Joomla community, when we met many years ago at a Joomla Day where he was speaking about a new extension that had just released, which evolved into Seblod. Since then we have been friends and have worked on many projects together.

Leo’s professionalism, skills and dedication makes him a great fit as part of the JoomlaBamboo team. He is a major in Information Systems and Software Engineering (2005) and has worked with Joomla since 2006. He specializes in Front End Development and Design.

Julio Pontes

Julio is very well known in the Joomla community and has been contributing to the Joomla Project from its beginning. He has worked with Joomla since the Mambo era and has a passion for code and is not afraid to take on a challenge.

I have known Julio since attending Joomla Days many years ago and since then have worked together on several projects. He will be our main Back End Developer and he will be the one creating and implementing new features to our framework and extensions. He is a major in Information Systems (2005) and is a specialist in PHP and JavaScript.

Denison Martins

I have known Denison since he was born. Denison is my cousin and he is the brother of Anderson Martins a former JoomlaBamboo employee and currently a OSTraining developer. We have worked together on several projects and he is a specialist in JavaScript, Python, PHP, HTML5 and more.

He has extensive experience working with Joomla and Wordpress and together with Julio, will be working on the development of new features and extensions to add to our product line. He is a major in System Analysis and Development (2014) and has worked extensively in web development since 2009.

Thiago Martins

Thiago will be the JoomlaBamboo designer. His creative designs and art work have always really impressed me, the JoomlaBamboo Medica template was designed by him and has proved very successful.

Working in web design since 2010, Thiago has developed plenty of experience in delivering beautiful designs that always combine excellent design with intelligent user interfaces. Thiago is a major in "Internet Systems and Web Design" (2012).

Next Template

Our next template will be the second version of ColourShift Theme and Thiago has done a great job with the redesign.

The Future

As you can see from this blog post, we have a great team in place, all of whom will work alongside Paul Burndred and Robert Went. Our team has huge enthusiasm and we are all very excited to be working together, as I have said before, I can’t wait to start sharing what we have cooking.

We are moving our websites to a new server CloudAccess and from this partnership, we will be able to offer great new features to our members so hang on tight for some exciting future announcements.

We are always looking at ways to improve our support and in a few months time, we will have some more things to share in this regard, we want to make communication easier between customers and the support team, streamlining the response time and solutions to problems.

Huge Thanks

I could not be happier to be the head of a company that I love, so, I could not end this blog post without giving a massive thanks to the JoomlaBamboo creator Anthony Olsen. Anthony is one of the best bosses I’ve ever had, he is kind, understanding and very respectful. I never saw him angry or raising his voice. He always faced issues with a calmness that makes me see how zen Anthony is. Well, at least now I know why he called his company "Bamboo" and his products "Zen".

Anthony, I wish you and your family all the best for the future. I know you will always be around and I want to thank you immensely for this opportunity and to underline that I will always try my best to keep the same philosophy. I will work hard improving JoomlaBamboo and make sure it remains a great company both for our team and for our customers.

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