This month we hit a number of remarkable milestones for our Joomla template club and so I thought what better way to celebrate than to create a coupon or two to celebrate.

It's our birthday ...

... Well sort of. This month back in 2006 I registered the domain name At that time I had no idea where that decision would lead me to.

In 2006 I was a practicing acupuncturist who needed a website and so I dove in (head first) and taught myself how to use Joomla, started to learn how to code (look ma - no tables) and also started to learn a new language - visual design.

It's been a pretty amazing ride since then and it's a ride that continues to challenge and push me, creatively and technically.

A big thanks goes out to all of the wonderfully talented people I've had the opportunity to work with over the last six years.

100,000 Forum Posts

A few weeks ago we also hit another really important milestone - 100,000 forum posts. I can still actually remember writing the first announcement on the forum and could only dream of a day when we would hit such a magical milestone. 100,000 posts ... wow really hard to believe.

In addition to this we have approximately 10,000 support tickets in the system and will continue to make support one of our highest priorities. While we may not get it right 100% of the time it's a really important part of our work. I've learnt a lot from our support system personally and truly treasure the deep life lessons that I've gleaned from it.

I want to send out a big thanks to all of the members who helped to create a really friendly atmosphere in our forum and ticket system. We couldn't have done it without you.

Coupons, coupons, coupons ...

To say thankyou I'd like to extend a whopping 40% coupon to past and current members. Just use the coupon "100000" and you will receive 40% off any renewal.

Plus to any new members if you use the coupon "celebrate" you will receive 20% off the cost of any new subscription.

Please note - The coupons will be available until Sunday 11th August.

So what is coming ....

1. Zentools v2 is coming soon. After overcoming a bit of a show stopper this week we are in the final stretches of preparing an alpha version of Zentools. Zentools v2 will add a lot of flexibility to the way that layouts are managed and sources are referenced. Our hope is that this new framework will open up the development to include a lot of new joomla and non joomla content sources for you to reference in Zentools layouts.

2. A bridge for old Zen Grid Framework themes. One of the delays in releasing updates to our old Joomla 2.5 themes has been the complexity of moving from Zen Grid Framework v2 to T3 to Bootstrap to Joomla 3. So in an effort to make our older Zen Grid Framework themes available in a much more rapid fashion is a type of Zen Grid Framework skeleton. The new Zen Grid Framework bridge is effectively a stand alone template framework that will allow users to simply drop css, js and images from their existing Zen Grid Framework template into the new skeleton and it will make it Joomla 3 compatible. I'll announce more on this next week and possibly release the first template based on this new system.

3. Fullscreen and Sidetrack are coming. I know I promised this months ago but a few staffing absences (including my own) has meant they have been delayed. They will be released either later today or tomorrow.

4. August template - a one page profile page. As a result of the aforementioned absences the August theme has been delayed slightly. We have had lot of requests for a one page profile type design and so this month we will release a new and very slick one page profile for those situations when you don't need a full blown web presence.

5. Wordpress. Yes this has been a long time coming but we have some pretty exciting news regarding this coming in the next few weeks. I've actually wanted to port our themes to wordpress for at least four years so it's a great relief to be able to start making some announcements for this. Stay tuned for more info.

Thanks again folks! Looking forward to the next 100,000 posts.

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